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Who We Are

A business composed of individuals dedicated to innovation and sustainability, Eco Wrap Nepal takes pride in offering responsible solutions to global plastic pollution challenges. We firmly believe that sustainability is not merely a choice but a responsibility.

Our journey began with a shared commitment to combat the environmental impact of plastic waste in Nepal. Plastic pollution stands as a critical environmental and health issue, especially concerning indispensable items like carry and garbage bags. Questioning the necessity for them to be 100% plastic, harmful to both the environment and human health, we emphatically say NO to that notion. This conviction inspired the creation of our compostable bags, crafted from plant-based materials. These bags are non-toxic, eco-friendly, and as robust as traditional plastic bags, ensuring you don't have to compromise convenience to champion our Mother Earth.

Reduce plastic pollution by providing eco-friendly alternatives, aligning with our customers' commitment to sustainability and fostering collective responsibility for our planet.

Compostable Bags Nepal

our mission

A greener Nepal and world as a whole through widespread adoption of sustainable choices, reducing environmental impact for a healthier future.

Eco Friendly Plastic Alternatives

our vision

Address plastic pollution innovatively, offering accessible eco-friendly solutions. Our commitment goes beyond products, aiming for a holistic approach to reduce our environmental footprint.

Eco Wrap Nepal

our approach

Did You Know?

Plastic bags take years to decompose, posing a threat to agricultural land as toxic substances are released into the soil under sunlight. When burned, plastic bags release toxic gases, further contributing to environmental pollution. Be Eco Smart - Choose Eco-Friendly alternatives.

Creation to Decomposition

Eco Wrap's Lifecycle

Corn Starch Plastic Bags

Harvest to Home

Corn is harvested, and cornstarch is extracted to create eco-friendly plastic alternatives. The cycle begins.

Compostable Renewable Plastic Bags

Use, Compost, Renew: A Green Revolution

Products are made, used, and then placed in compost or green bins. It's a simple step to a greener future.

Recycleable Bags Nepal

Worms at Work: Nature's Recycling Squad

Worms feed on the compostable waste, transforming it into nutrient-rich soil. Nature's recycling in action.

Nature Friendly Bags

From Soil to Cornfield: A Circle Complete

Nutrient-rich soil helps grow healthy plants and corn, closing the loop. The cycle repeats, sustaining the environment.

Compostable Bags Factory in Nepal